Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble follows Illeana Douglas as she quits her Hollywood career and goes to work at IKEA Burbank in an attempt at a ‘normal life.’ However your past is often more difficult to leave behind than you think. Especially when Hollywood craziness with its gossip columnists, stalkers and celebrity friends follows you. Can Illeana assimilate in "civilian" life and prove that "art is where you make it?"

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Pilot - Training Day
Training Day

Episode 1 - Actor's Anonymous
Actor's Anonymous

Episode 2 - Gotcha!

Episode 3 - Co-mingling

Episode 4 - The Justine Bateman Show
The Justine Bateman Show

Episode 5 - Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper

Episode 6 - How Swede It Is
How Swede It Is

Episode 7 - You Can't Be Somebody Else
You Can't Be Somebody Else

Episode 8 - Celebrity Bull Riding
Celebrity Bull Riding

Episode 9 - Art Is Where You Make It
Art Is Where You Make It